Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Throwing caution to your social media

Angie was not what you might call a social butterfly, in fact most of her daily communication was with her customers as she cut and styled their hair on a daily basis. When it comes to using social networking she did not consider herself the kind of person who used her social network heavily. Other than Facebook and a few other social sites, Angie preferred to avoid using social media, unless she needed to contact one of her friends or family members. She was extremely concerned about the information that some users posted on these sites and promised herself that she would avoid following in their footsteps.

Some people use personality development activities to help them advance in their careers, yet some of these same activities have a tendency of causing a negative reaction to the ones using it. With personal growth activities, you can improve the way you feel about yourself, but if you choose to take it one step further and take part in personal identity activities, you might need to restrict the  way you implement some of those activities. When we use social media as part of our personal activities, we can allow ourselves to build a crutch that may be difficult to get rid of.

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One of the great things about social media is the fact that they are generally free to use. Membership is free, usage is free and you do all the free posting you want. Because of this, some people have found that this sort of forum posting atmosphere works wonders when it comes to promoting their business. With all this free posting comes the risk of “over posting” where people publish anything they can think of at the moment, including situations that have no right to be of any influence to their friends.